Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Introduction - or The Dreadful First Blog Post

I would imagine you can agree with me on the fact that whenever you write a story or a book, or even a journal or blog that first sentence (or page) is always the hardest. In this blog you will get more than just a simple "get to know me" so let's begin there. I am a writer who is just starting his journey. In this blog I will provide writings of mine in both samples of my up and  coming novel as well as short stories. 

What I want from you is your participation... I want to hear from you, your words and even your writing, in other words: I wish for this blog to help you as well as (hopefully) entertain you. So that's it... The infamous and dreaded first blog post. I look forward to your comments on my posts and always feel free to drop me a line (as they use to call it) at rlvogeler@gmail.com. My novel? Oh yeah... It will be released sometime in March... Or April 1st... I will keep that info updated. 

What's the book about? It's a horror/thriller genre story about a family man and an elaborate revenge plot... But more on that later.

My name is Rod and welcome to my blog!

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