Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Book Reveal

Soon I will be releasing my novel. I'm not sure exactly when but it looks like March or April. I will keep this blog updated as to the exact time and how things are going.

For those of you that have asked (and those that haven't) the book's title is Reminiscence of an American Dream.

The story is about a family man who has worked hard to create "The American Dream" for himself. He has a wife and two daughters as well as a writing career.

However, his American Dream will be taken from him as his family fall victims to a serial killer that preys on family units.

Tormented, author and father Jack Decker will give a whole new meaning to grief as he begins his journey into madness turning into the very thing that destroyed his life and took away those he cherished most.

In this horror/thriller story you will see Jack unfold, trading his fatherhood for murder as he selects his not so innocent of victims, killing one by one, and leaving a trail of bodies as he pursues his obsession with killing the man who took everything away from him.

I will be adding more of the story as well as a character bio every week. Also as things get rolling I will share excerpts from the book itself.

I hope you all enjoy.

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